I am an artist, based in London, working in the field of drawing, exploring different mark making languages and how these can reflect perception/experience and create knowledge. I am particularly interested in themes of the the material culture of communication, paper culture, and the history and function of surface pattern. I am drawn to that which may be forgotten or become obsolete  whether that be an object, individual, process or place. These interests have led me to develop a way of making marks responding to the patterns on the insides of envelopes, which have been shortlisted for the Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize (2018) and the Jerwood Drawing Prize (2011).


We are becoming an increasingly paperless culture,  encountering, consuming, ignoring, forgetting information at an ever increasing speed and frequency. My work seeks to provide a counterpoint to this, a process of absorption in surface and process, asking questions about transience and permanence.

I am drawn to the forgotten, overlooked and obsolete; messages, images and objects. Mark making can be seen to be a process of attending-to; an attempt to rescue an object or individual from obscurity and create a work that might give others pause to imagine or remember, to transcend the material. 

An object will often present a stimulus or vessel for mark-making, a dialogue with the marks already on their surfaces. Drawn surfaces can become containers and conduits for healing, absorption and contemplation.


BTEC Foundation diploma in Fine Art, University of Gloucestershire, distinction

BA Combined Honours in History of Art and Philosophy (2003-06)

MA History of Art, University of Oxford (2006-07)



Trinity Buoy Wharf (formerly Jerwood) Drawing Prize touring exhibition, 2018  

Closing soon: 26 April 2019

Drawing Projects UK
Bridge House
10 Stallard Street
Trowbridge BA14 9AE

OverDrawn Drawing Prize (awarded first prize)

Closing soon:  25 April 2019 

Buster Mantis, 3-4 Resolution Way, London, SE8 4NT


Warbling Collective: We Can Only Have Fun on Certain Days

22-30 April 2019

7 Roach Road, Hackney, London


ING Discerning Eye Exhibition, The Mall Galleries, London, 2018     

15th-25th November, Mall Galleries London

Shortlisted for RA Summer Exhibition 2018

RCA Secret exhibition, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Sketch to the Limits, Foyles Gallery London, 2012

Jerwood Drawing Prize touring exhibition 2011


First Prize: Dark Yellow Dot Drawing Prize (curated by London Drawing Group), 2019

Shortlist: Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize 2019

Shortlist: Jerwood Drawing Prize 2011


Interview in Interalia Magazine: An online magazine dedicated to interactions between the arts, sciences and consciousness. March 2019.

Feature on arts writer Ruth Millington's blog, October 22, 2018: http://www.ruthmillington.co.uk/ruth-chambers-envelope-art/

Strings, Antler Press,  collaboration with poet Keiran Goddard.

Drawing Projects: An Exploration of the Language of Drawing, Jack Southern and Mick Maslen (Black Dog Publishing, 2011) (Contributing artist)

Freelance work______

I have worked on commissions for  private collections.

I have also worked freelance as a surface pattern designer with Ensell and Hall.  


Please get in touch with me at ruthschambers@gmail.com

Instagram: @ruthchambers_

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