1. Mapping my process

    11 Mar 2019
    I have been working on some ways to map my drawing process, to understand how the drawing is made, the direction of gestures, centres of concentration or energy. I have been approaching this by trying to analyse the gestation of the drawings through line, and also making prints of my…

  2. Trip to Trowbridge: The Jerwood Drawing Prize and The Derwent Art Prize 2017

    07 Oct 2018
    Yesterday I travelled on the train to Trowbridge from London Paddington, to see the Jerwood Drawing Prize 2017, which was approaching the final day of its national tour. I had never been to Trowbridge and I am very glad I made the trip through Bath and the surrounding beautiful countryside.  I think that…

  3. My thoughts on the Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize 2018

    30 Sep 2018
    It has been a wonderful experience being selected for the 2018 Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize, formerly the Jerwood Drawing Prize. I attended the private view earlier this week and just wanted to write down my thoughts about the experience, and some words of encouragement to anyone weighing up whether or not

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